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 1. FunDuino----8X8dotMatrix programmable and Stackable display avr based and arduino compatible

3. SD card Arduino music player(WAV files)

4. Microcontroller on breadboard

5. Pat a Mole

6.Spectrum analyer for three groups of frequencies using Arduino and bar graph LEDs

7.My work on natural user interaction using the kinect. Here are my initial videos please click on URL and I am adding some more soon please watch sequntially

First Video

Second Video

Third Video

8. Spirit level using pSOC 3

9. A useful Autonomous Robotic Platform-Basic

10. The Telepresence Robot----The Robotic Platform shown in 9 has been put on the internet as a IOT using an ESP 8266-1 which acts like a webserver provisioning the control of the platform from anywhere over the internet......this was inspired by sheldon coopers remote presentation when he was suffering from severe cold in the famous TV series "Big Bang Theory"