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1. Visalas Vegetable Garden2015Jaya & Me were invited to visit my Daughter & Son-In-Laws (Visala & Krishna Yogeshwar Ganti) family and spent March 2015 to mid October 2015. This garden was planned and planted by visala ,Yogeshwar and me made the drip irrigation and helped daily in gardening

2. Jo Chivukula My Last Photograph My Last Photograph is an Award winning Telugu Short film made in the Summer of 2012. 

 3  Jo Chivukula Moving On Life of a Woman - A Heart Touching Short Film

4. Jo Chivukula M.M.S  A Crime Comedy

5. Jo Chivukula Prema Geetham Telugu Short Film 2016

6. Jo Chivukula Oka Chinna Mata Short Film  with Eng Sub

7. Jo Chivukula Ganga Telugu Short Film 2015 

8. ChooChoo Barn A family Created Model Train City a functioning replica in miniature Railway town Straussburg near Lancashire ,PA,USA

9. My Singapore Bus Trip

10. FireWorks Independance day 2015

11. Monster Truck Ride WildWoods Beach 2015

12. Wonderful Movie Magic- How scenes are shot and merging of backdrops and lotsits wonderful

13. CRS dressed in traditional NaMo attire while NaMo was CM of Gujarat