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Prof. C R Sarma

The MaverickProfessor

  •  21 Years of Industry and  R&D  experience
  • 25 Years Academics  experience
  •  Alumnus of Madras Institute of Technology                     ( Anna University) in Electronics Engineering
  •  Senior Member of IEEE-----Fellow of IETE
  • Chair S I G - IOT IEEE Hyderabad Section 2019
  • Past Vice Chairman of IETE Hyderabad Centre
  • Author of many books

Intel Microprocessors- Brey & Sarma –Pearson Education

Computer Networks-a Pragmatic approach – CR Sarma –Jaico Publishers

Microprocessors and Microcontrollers-C R Sarma  - Premier Pub. House

Embedded Systems Engineering for Students & Practitioners –Universities Press

·Sri Siddheswari Electronic Equipment   as Chief (R&D) in 1975 for 20 years

  • Has 4 National Papers and 2 International Papers
  • Two Invention Awards & Two Patents
  • Conducted Workshops for teachers in many AICTE-ISTE-STTP funded programs

and many corporate training programs for Embedded Systems, WSN & IOT.

  • He is a Visiting Professor for BITS (Pilani) Offers courses to employees of Qualcomm, United Technologies,TCS and WIPRO  
  • Courses offered  in ECE & CSE
  • Has worked in many Engineering colleges like Vasavi College,  G.Narayanamma Institute of technology  and currently Adjunct Professor.
  • He is a HAM ( Amateur Radio Operator) and his call sign is VU3CRX
  • His Hobbies are Astronomy and creating innovative smart applications in embedded systems.
  •  Fond of training people to be Embedded systems Application developers.
  • His guru in Microprocessors was Prof Imsong Lee of UCB, California

Professional Roles

TEACHER-Computer Organisation System Software, Network Embedded Applications, Advance Computer Networks,Hardware Software Co-Design, Software for Embedded Systems,Real Time Embedded Systems, System Programming(UML&DVM), Artificial Neural Networks, Multi-media Communication, Network Security & Cryptography,  Microprocessors, Microcontrollers, , Visual Programming Techniques, EM Theory, Linear & Digital Integrated Circuits,, Embedded System Design, Unix &Network Programming, Real Time Operating Systems, ARM Assembly Language Programming, Digital Electronics & Microprocessors, Computer Organisation, System Programming, Network Embedded Aplications(WSN) and many more subjects practically taught multiple times.

Trainer-Embedded system Development, Internet of Thing s, Wireless Sensory Networks, Network Programming on Microcontrollers, Raspberry Pi, Arduino

Developer- Apartment Management, Telepresence Robotics, Telemedicine, Crowd GPS, Virtual Passenger,Personal website

Learner- (Recent) Python 2.7, Visual Studio C#, SKYPE API’s, OpenCV2(Computer Vision) and … (for developing applications for skill development and encouraging product development)

Author-(Published) Intel Microprocessors:Brey & Sarma(Pearson), Computer Networks(Jaico), Embedded Systems Engineering(Universities Press),Microprocessors & Microcontrollers(PPH) …. (Manuscript ready) Wireless Sensor Networks, Advanced Computer Networks, Network Embedded Applications

Innovator-HAPTIC engineering and Smart Applications using Internet.. 

Designer-Courses  in emerging technologies, Bridging Knowledge gaps & Continued Education, Custom design of products and Knowledge transfer  

Current R&D Work-Virtual Passenger -Telemedicine Kiosk-  IOT  devices for Elderly persons (Assistive / Medicine / Paramedic/,,, other supports-- BIOTECH*Developing a low cost mobile Polymarase Chain Reaction machine for detecting viruses of Dengue, Malaria & Chicken Guinea -Spectrometer for farmers using Mobiles.