How did indian astrologers know about planets so early



It has been verified that the human brain and its associated parts have in it stored the entire truth about the universe and if one can get access to that the TRUTH is revealed. This capability can be mildly stated as meditation. In fact it is similar to regression analysis as done by psychiatrist who make a person go into a hypnotic trance and retrieve from memory events right down to childhood. If one can get into such a yogic mental state an get into the information stored in the human brain the entire Universal truth can be revealed. It is so strange that knowledgeable people are so silent and do not just rattle out information like (i am doing now) but set an example in this direction(please read " An Autobiography of a Yogi).
Vedic astrology is an example of such a revealation. How did they know that eart is round and so called it Bhoogol, that Mars angaraka was red in colorand so on.